Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

AI and Computer Vision for Industry 4.0 Applications


The concept of Industry 4.0 signifies the promise of a new industrial revolution—one that combines digital and physical technologies in order to achieve new accomplishments of speed, cohesion, flexibility, and automation that have forever altered what production looks like.

Computer Vision and AI plays a significant role in the Industry 4.0 context, becoming the ‘eyes’ of the manufacturing process. Cameras and vision sensors are getting smaller and more affordable, which is leading to higher adoption rates in IIoT projects.

15 %
Quality Improvement
5 %
Productivity Increase
20% - 30%
Reduced Costs
5 %
Improved Safety

Use Cases & Solutions

Irida Labs’ platform for on-device Vision Intelligence is utilized to build efficient, robust and scalable Industry 4.0 solutions that employ computer vision and AI at the edge, run in real time and rely solely on our proprietary ML engine.

Warehouse Management

Pallet/ Parcel/ Product detection, recognition, classification and tracking, 2D / 3D product detection, truck loading monitoring

available solutions

Manufacturing & Logistics Analytics

Real-time edge AI analytics solution for warehouse and plant management.

running on hikvision
running on hikvision

Irida Labs joins forces with Hikvision, bringing the edge Vision AI capabilities of Industry 4.0 Package into Hikvision's HikCentral and IP Cameras.

Paired with vision systems design, data management and ready- to-use deployment tools, enables edge Vision AI in real time, empowering scalable vision solutions for identification, tracking, and 3D-pose estimation along with becoming the “smart eyes” of the manufacturing and logistics process.

Parcel Box detection

Inventory: Product Identification

Product Quality Assurance in production lines,  product classification, defect detection,  production analytics

available solutions

Packaging Bag QA

Real-time QA and product analytics for packaging bags of all types on indoor or outdoor conveyor systems.

Packaging Bag QA is a powerful, Vision AI-based defect tracking solutions powered by that eliminates the need for human inspection in the production lines.

Events tracking provide real-time alerts about incidents that require immediate attention/action, such as defective products (i.e. dents, spills, tears etc. ), missing stamp/production date, occupancy limits violations, spill overs, operator safety at risk.

The solution can be easily integrated in existing production lines and has minimal data campaign requirements for quick deployment.

Parcel Box detection
warehouse management vision AI solution

Workplaces: Personel safety

Employee PPE safety monitoring, staff detection, personnel access control

available solutions

Personnel Analytics

Privacy-preserving people detection that allows non-identifying customer and personnel tracking and counting analytics​.

Personnel Analytics is a Vision AI, privacy-preserving people detection solution powered by that allows non-identifying personnel tracking and counting analytics​. ​

The solution supports high-level analytics, such as people flow charts, heatmaps, occupancy data for indoor & outdoor areas and zone segmentation, which can further enable reliable Smart Building power optimizations, Smart Retail applications and safety-compliant Industry 4.0 area management.

Additionally, the real-time events provide  24/7 restricted area access surveillance, occupancy limits alerting as well as social distancing monitoring. 

Benefits and KPIs

The adoption of Vision AI Industry 4.0 technologies within the manufacturing and process industries is widely accepted to have benefits for production cycles, increase system flexibility and give production managers more options on the production line through reconfigurable systems.

Operations optimization

Personnel safety

Quality Assurance



Warehouse Management demo deployment

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Industry 4.0: Real-time 3D ToF Intelligence

A highly optimized SDK for enabling top-down people, object and vehicle detection based on depth cameras.


Industry 4.0: Use Cases

A handful of real-world Industry 4.0 implementations, complemented by the opportunities and the challenges stemming from our 10-year hands-on experience

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