Renesas & Irida Labs non-disruptive Vision-only QR Code Scanning

QR Code Scanning

Non-disruptive, Vision-only

QR Code Scanning

The solution provides real-time, QR code scanning functionality on the new gen Renesas RA8 MCU platform. The (inbuilt) image sensor detects the QR Code on the product packaging, as it moves within the coverage area, with tolerance to 3-axis rotations. After decoding the QR code, the information acquired can be used for the optimal and automatic adjustment of device settings, as well as the display of product-related content.

System Architecture
QR Code Scanning Diagram

A Renesas Ready Ecosystem Partner Solution

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Markets & Applications

Smart Home Devices and Appliances​

Seamless connectivity and interaction between smart devices, allowing easy setup and control through QR code integration.

QR Seamless Checkout

Retail and E-commerce

Streamlined retail operations by seamless checkouts, instant access to product information, and efficient inventory management, elevating the overall customer experience.

QR Smart Inventory Management

Supply Chain and Logistics

Real-time tracking of shipments and optimizing inventory management through quick and accurate QR-based data retrieval and updates.

QR Smart Transportations

Smart Cities

QR-based ticketing for public transportation, efficient parking management, and convenient access to various city services, promoting accessibility and efficiency.

QR Smart Healthcare


Secure and accurate data retrieval from medical records, prescriptions, and patient wristbands through QR code integration, improving efficiency and patient care.

QR Smart Security

Authentication and Security

QR codes for authentication, ensuring secure access to sensitive data, facilities, or systems, bolstering overall security protocols.

Vision AI Solution Key Features

Robust, real-time optical QR Code detection and decoding​

Experience seamless scanning with our solution’s advanced optical technology, ensuring rapid detection and decoding of QR codes in real-time. This robust capability ensures accuracy and efficiency in varied lighting conditions and code complexities.

Vision AI at the EDGE: all the processing is done at the endpoint using RA8 MCU

Utilizing state-of-the-art Vision AI at the edge, our solution empowers devices to process QR codes locally, enhancing speed and security. By leveraging the endpoint for processing, it minimizes latency and maintains data privacy.

Plug-n-Play, easily deployable, compact dimensions​

Enjoy hassle-free implementation with our plug-and-play solution designed for effortless deployment. Its compact dimensions make it versatile and adaptable to diverse environments, ensuring convenience without compromising functionality.

Cost Efficient and low power consumption​

Optimize operational costs with our solution’s efficient design, consuming minimal power while delivering high-performance QR code scanning. Its low power consumption translates to long-term savings without compromising on functionality.

Multiple QR detections supported at once ​

Empower your system to handle multiple QR codes simultaneously, enhancing productivity and usability. Our solution ensures seamless detection and processing of multiple codes in a single scan, streamlining operations.

Hardware & Software Solution​

Benefit from a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates both hardware and software components. This holistic approach ensures a unified and reliable QR code scanning experience, backed by robust hardware and intelligent software algorithms.

Enabling End-to-End  AIoT

  • Software Platform proprietary state-of-the-art AI software (binary executable) pre-loaded​
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