Irida Labs at the Hikvision Innovation Summit 2022

We are really excited and honoured to be among the hand-picked Hikvision Technology Partners, demonstrating our Vision AI solutions for Industry 4.0 and Retail at this year’s Hikvision Innovation Summit.  … Read More

Hikvision Irida Labs Creating vision ai solutions together

Irida Labs & Hikvision – Powering Vision AI Solutions for Manufacturing and Logistics

Irida Labs joins forces with Hikvision by introducing real-time edge AI analytics solutions for warehouse and plant management compatible with Hikvision’s IPC and HikCentral products. … Read More

Irida Labs partners with Hikvision – joins the Hikvision Technology Partner Program

Irida Labs joined the Hikvision Technology Partner Program – TPP with its PerCV.ai end-to-end Vision-AI software and services platform – which is now available for Hikvision’s network cameras. … Read More