Webinar: Transforming cameras into Industry 4.0 AIoT Sensors powered by Intel

Intel Webinar Cover AIoT
Intel Webinar Cover AIoT
Intel Webinar Cover AIoT

We would like to warmly thank all participants at our webinar “Transforming cameras into Industry 4.0 AIoT Sensors powered by Intel“!

Our host Demetris Anastassiou had the chance to get into the details of how Irida Labs’ Edge Vision AI Sensor, powered by PerCV.ai, Intel Corporation Processors and Intel® Distribution of openVINO, allows hardware manufacturers to integrate visual perception into their Industry4.0 AIoT products.

You can rewatch the webinar recording here

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Intel Webinar Cover AIoT


Transforming cameras into AIoT sensors

for Industry 4.0, Manufacturing, Logistics

Tuesday, December 13

14:00 - 14:45 CET

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Unlocking a new world of possibility for manufacturing and warehouse automation providers with Vision AI

The management of warehouse and factory floors require numerous difficult and complicated processes that involve heavy operational workloads in dynamic environments. Companies consistently struggle to keep track of products as they move through the production process, monitor product quality, maintain safety protocols, and optimize facility operations that enhance ROI. 

AI offers Industry 4.0 hardware providers the opportunity to integrate advanced vision AI into their products and take warehouse management and operational excellence to the next level.

What will you learn?

In this 45′ webinar we will show you how Irida Labs’ Edge Vision AI Sensor, powered by PerCV.ai, Intel® Processors and optimized with the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, unlocks a new world of possibilities for a diverse array of hardware manufacturers by allowing them to integrate visual perception into their products.

  • Why Computer Vision & AI?

    Taking Computer Vision one step closer to human intelligence​ by transforming cameras into Industry 4.0 AIoT sensors​

  • How it Works?

    Taking a dive under the hood to understand the system architecture, how we leverage Intel® Technology & the Vision AI Ecosystem

  • Vision AI Benefits

    Introducing a whole new spectrum of hardware features for automating manufacturing and warehouse operations

  • Use Cases

    Warehouse & inventory monitoring , real-time defect detection (QA/QC) in labels and bags, product QR & barcode scanning, real-time shelf interaction & stock monitoring and more.

PerCV.ai Warehouse Analytics Dashboard

Our host

Demetris Anastassiou Profile Pic

Demetris Anastassiou

Head of Product Growth

Demetris has more than 10 years of engineering and business experience in all things related to innovative Vision AI technology products, ranging from high-level algorithm prototyping and platform specific bare-metal implementations all the way to establishing technological partnerships and leading product strategies.

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