Smart Cities
& Spaces Suite

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Edge Vision AI Bringing Intelligence to Urban Living

Traffic Monitoring

Vehicle Detection, Recognition, and Tracking

Anonymized People Detection and Tracking

Outdoor & Indoor Area Inspection

Real-time Traffic Analytics and Heatmaping Smart Cities & Spaces Vision AI Solutions

Traffic Analytics

Traffic Analytics

People Heatmapping

People Counting & Heatmapping

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Free Flow Vehicle / Number Plate Recognition

Smart Parking

Smart Parking

Pedestrian Flow Monitoring

Pedestrian Flow Monitoring

Smart Bus Stop

Smart Bus Stops
& Traffic Lights

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Vision AI: The "Eyes" of the Smart City

Energy Efficiency
Saving Operating Costs
Environmental Sustainability
Safety and Security
Quality of Life
50 %
Energy Saving
0 %
Operating Cost Reduction
39 %
Waiting Times Reduction

Disrupting Smart Cities & Spaces with Custom Solutions

Talk to our Computer Vision AI experts today, either you need an off-the-shelf application from Smart Cities & Spaces Suite, or a 100% custom solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Smart City Success Stories

In collaboration with Irida Labs, we have released a Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces; a plug-n-play Vision AI hardware & software solution powered by Irida Labs’ platform and accelerated by Renesas RZ/V2L, supporting Smart City applications such as Traffic monitoring, Citizen Flow Monitoring and Smart Parking.

Frank Urbe
Leader SST EMEA, Renesas Electronics Corporation

Leveraging the direct integration of with Hikvision’s HikCentral Professional Series and Hikvision’s Embedded Open Platform – HEOP, our proprietary Vision AI package for Smart Cities & Spaces is available as a ready-to-use bundle.

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Vision AI Use Cases for Smart Cities & Smart Spaces

Vision-based AIoT applications that make cities a better place to live, work and get around

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