3D Imaging

VSLAM Technology – Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Monocular VSLAM software with sparse 3D output map

  • Jointly reconstructing a 3D map of the environment and identifying the camera path within that map, relying on visual (camera) information
  • Outputs:
    -Visualization of a 3D map as a point cloud and 6 DoF camera trajectory in a graphical environment
    -A file that contains the camera relative 3-axis translation and relative pose in unit quaternion representation

Typical applications:

  • Autonomous navigation
  • Large-scale area reconstruction (cities, archaeological sites etc.)
  • Robotic mapping

3D point-cloud reconstruction using μ-precision accuracy

  • Synthesizing the data in a 3D geometry using an optical camera system and projected light patterns for surface quality inspection
  • Fully automatic point cloud generation with no user interaction
  • Reconstruction of different poses in ~5secs
  • The final 3D point cloud is generated by an iterative error minimization procedure between all single view reconstructions
  • Point spacing in the order of
    • 70um for 1 pose captured at ~25cm
    • <30um, for a PCL merging of >4 different poses

Typical applications:

  • 3D modeling of small and medium scale objects (< 1sq. m)
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Quality Inspection
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