Industry 4.0

Autonomous Factories & Logistics with Computer Vision AI Solutions

Industry 4.0

Vision AI-Powered Industrial Automation

Quality Control

Quality Control and Industrial Inspection

Object Recognition and Tracking

Robotics and Automation

People Safety

People Safety Monitoring Industry 4.0 Suite

Analogue Gauge Digitization
Personal Protective Equipment detection
Personnel Safety PPE Monitoring
person area intrusion
People Presence Detection
vehicle recognition
Vehicle Recognition​
Open air product counting
Product Counting
Powered by
End-to-end Software & Services Platform

Vision AI: Industry 4.0 Digitization Catalyst

Digital Transformation Adoption
Sustainability & Environmental Policies
Quality Management
Health & Safety
Supply Chain Optimisation
Regulatory Compliance
0 %
Reduction in labor cost
> 88 %
Reduction in stored data
99 %
Accuracy in detecting failures

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Smart Factory Success Stories

The solution significantly reduced the number of defective sacks being palletized, with accompanying reductions in labour costs. As a consequence, customer complaints about defective sacks have significantly decreased.
Installation on Cement Production Line
TITAN logo
Grigorios Maravas​
Packaging Manager at Titan Cement Company SA
Nikolay Panov
Intel AI Solutions Sales EMEA

The close collaboration between Intel and Irida Labs has unlocked amazing opportunities for innovation and growth in the Manufacturing industry.

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Industry 4.0 Use Cases

A handful of real-world Industry 4.0 implementations, complemented by the opportunities and the challenges stemming from our 10-year hands-on experience

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