Embedded Computer Vision Library


EV Lib is a complete embedded vision software library based on deep learning and AI with functionalities for people, vehicle and object detection, identification tracking and 3D pose estimation.

EVLib is a highly optimized embedded vision software library that delivers powerful customizable AI and machine learning at the edge.

Using EV Lib’s runtime models and versatility, you can design and implement scalable, low power and low deployment cost AI-powered vision system without sacrificing performance. 

Applications & Functions

EVLib offers a wide flexibility for specific object detection like food recognition, product catalogues recognition and numerous other applications. Pre-trained models can be easily extended for custom object detection and tracking, and can be customized to any computer vision application using scenario-specific data.

  • Vehicle detection, counting and tracking
  • Vehicle classification and recognition
  • LPR
  • Lane detection
  • Custom object detection in 2D/3D
  • Object Pose Estimation
  • Classification
  • Segmentation

People Detection and Soft Demographics

People counting, occupancy monitoring in confined or restricted areas, daily people traffic analysis and precious analytics such as gender and age group for various scenarios can be possible, regardless of area and hardware limitations.

Computer vision systems empowered with EV Lib can be installed virtually anywhere, guarantying GDPR compliancy and data security, while keeping power consumption and hardware cost to a minimum.

  • Build a vision sensor (IoT device) with Computer Vision and Edge AI​
  • Anonymizer (Privacy-preserving) – Blurring people to remove sensitive data (GDPR)​
  • Cost reduction >80%

Objects and Vehicle Detection and Tracking

General and specialized vehicle detection, traffic monitoring, space and parking lot occupancy and analytics, interactive city and traffic lights, pedestrian or personnel safety, obstacle avoidance (e.g. potholes and speed bumps), vision aided infrastructure, all of the above are part of the modern smart city landscape. EV Lib can help to robustly analyze an urban scene, bringing AI-empowered vision exactly where it is most valuable.

A complete embedded computer vision software library

Shopping with AI

Highly scalable, low power solution for automatic counting and identification of shopping cart contents and products.

• Real-time performance​
• Low power consumption
• Low hardware cost
• Low-volume data campaigns ​
• Integrated solution: edge processing only 


• 2D/3D object detection
Process automation in logistics and construction sites
 Bringing intelligence and automation in a totally new market
• Rated in the top 5 companies in insulation products globally
• Reducing cost of operations and resources >50%

Smart Space

Camera-based real time parking space inspection

• Modular structure for scalability and adaptation to different use cases
• Covers indoor/outdoor, on-street/off-street parking scenarios
• Runs on any device and/or OS
• No need for digging and installing underground sensors.

Food Industry

• Custom 2D food detection and recognition

• Object detection /classification

 Reduce proc. time by 25% using our real-time recognition engine

How it works

Target Concept​

Use existing EV-Lib functionalities​

Distribute first version | work from day-1​

Optimize EV-Lib

Optimize models on target scenario and hardware | Continuous update and releases | Specialized models for every customer | Learn from new samples​

Release Final Version​

Check for criteria | Release final version | Lifelong learning and self adaptation​

  • Deploy fleet of devices in various architectures
  • EV-Lib built-in mechanism for model updates
  • Architectures for deployment
    • Device level
    • Local network level
    • (Near Edge Device) NED
      • Deploy on a device close to the data
  • Monitor one or more architectures
  • Workflow:
    • Customer deploys EV-Lib models
    • Training is performed at Irida Labs
    • Dedicated server per customer



Commercial security, smart analytics, soft demographics and safety in the GDPR era

internet of things

Computer vision based awareness in very small devices, making everyday life easy

smart cities

Efficient traffic monitoring, utility, space, and pedestrian management for the urban infrastructure

industry 4.0

Edge AI machine vision industrial automations, driving the 4th industrial revolution


Product detection, tracking and vision aided inventory for accurate warehouse management

Partners and Customers

Trusted by world-class leaders in the fields of embedded systems, digital cameras, semiconductors, manufacturing and telecommunications, we have built an ecosystem capable to holistically support even the most challenging computer vision applications.

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