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Renesas Partnership

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Vision AI Sensor At Renesas' Lab on the Cloud

Our Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities is available for online simulation at the Renesas’ Lab on the Cloud (LotC). Users have access to a live physical lab through an online UI and test and control the functionality of the system, while a live video stream shows the board and relevant system components. 


Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces

Irida Labs partners with Renesas Electronics, releasing a new Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces. This is a plug-n-play Edge AI hardware & software solution that drives the new era in urban area management, running on Renesas RZ/V2L board powered by platform.


Solution Brief: Irida Labs – Renesas Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities

Find out more technical details about the Vision AI Sensor, the solution architecture, as well as availability and compatibility information.

Great, powerful, highly motivated team!
Since Irida Labs joined the Renesas Preferred Partner Program, we have been working closely with the team’s world-class Computer Vision engineers in several different initiatives. Most importantly, we have jointly released a Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces; a plug-n-play Vision AI hardware & software solution powered by Irida Labs’ platform and accelerated by Renesas RZ/V2L, supporting Smart City applications such as Traffic monitoring, Citizen Flow Monitoring and Smart Parking. Such software/hardware winning combinations of complementary products help our customers accelerate their designs and get to market faster.
Frank Urbe
Leader SST EMEA, Renesas Electronics Corporation


Renesas Electronics Hosts Irida Labs Demo at Embedded World 2022

Our partners at Renesas Electronics had being hosting a demo deployment of our jointly-launched Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces at their booth in Hall 1 | Booth 1-234, during Embedded World 2022.


Irida Labs Demonstrating at Renesas Electronics DFAE Event 2022

Special thanks to Renesas Electronics for the opportunity to demonstrate our recently-released Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces, powered by and built in partnership with Renesas Electronics, at the Renesas DFAE event!


Irida Labs Joins the Renesas Preferred Partner Program

Renesas preferred partners are selected solution providers, bringing value-added solutions for either an early stage prototype or productization of any available PoC (proof of concept) from Renesas or its partners, resulting in lower development risk and faster times to market

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