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Vision sensors
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Vision-AI-Lifecycle explained integrates ML models for people, vehicles, or any type of object detection together with vision system design, data management and ready to use deployment tools for on-device intelligence.

Holistic Approach

Understanding computer vision AI from optics and data to full product lifecycle

10x power saving​

Energy efficient ML architectures for the AIoT era

10x – 100x faster runtime​

Heterogeneous techniques and cutting-edge optimizations for your embedded CPU/VPU/GPU or tiny ML

> 98% AP Accuracy​

State-of-the art proprietary and field proven ML

Quicker time-to-market​

Move from concept to production in weeks not years brings together all the building blocks necessary for powering computer vision-based AIoT sensors & solutions.
Vision AI solution

Are you looking for a AI-based vision solution?​

Suitable for companies looking for a Vision Application as A Service (VaaS) using COTS HW components.

PerCVai Layers
Vision AI sensor

Are you building an AIoT vision sensor?

Suitable for companies aiming to disrupt their industry by bringing a new «vision sensor» product.

Markets empowers the development of scalable computer vision-based solutions for a wide range of markets, such as Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Smart Retail, Surveillance and Logistics.


Stock Management | Product Identification | Packaging Integrity & QA


Shelf Monitoring | Customer Analytics | Store heatmapping | Social Distancing


Traffic Flow Monitoring | Parking Lot Management
| ANPR Computer Vision & AI Solutions

Packaging Integrity & QA

Real-time QA and product analytics for packaging bags of all types on indoor or outdoor conveyor systems.

Inventory Management

Real-time Vision AI analytics solution for warehouse and plant management.

Laser Process Monitoring

Welding process monitoring based on Vision AI, that automates QA & QC for laser cutting, laser welding and additive manufacturing processes

In-store Customer Analytics

GDPR-compliant people detection that allows non-identifying customer tracking and counting analytics​.

Inventory Analytics

Product identification and customer-shelf interaction analytics and alerting.

Social Distancing

Calculation of the physical social distance for every person detected in a scene, guaranteeing identity safety & GDPR compliancy.

Vehicle & Traffic Flow Monitoring

Computer Vision AI solution for 24/7 traffic flow monitoring that drives the new era in urban area management.

Citizen Flow Monitoring

Safeguarding citizen safety, quality of life and accessibility to public spaces in full anonymity and privacy.

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Partners & Customers

Through strong partnerships with world-class leaders and Fortune 500 companies, such as HikVision, Intel, Renesas Electronics, Analog Devices, Qualcomm, Arrow, ARM, Irida Labs has built an ecosystem capable of holistically supporting even the most challenging computer vision applications.