Electronica Virtual 2020

November 9-12, 2020

Hall 8 | Embedded Systems

Irida Labs at Electronica virtual, introducing EV Platform


Irida Labs have been among the exhibitors of Electronica virtual 2020, the world’s leading trade fair and conference for electronics. This year, the fair was held purely virtually from November 9 to 12, offering exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to meet despite travel restrictions and to exchange information about new products and innovative solutions in the field of electronics.

On our virtual booth we introduced EV Platform, a complete edge computer vision platform based on deep learning and AI, optimized to enable the deployment of embedded vision and AI at scale.

Custom Object detection in 2D/3D | Object Pose Estimation | Classification | Segmentation


People counting and tracking | Soft Biometrics | Safety monitoring (helmet, vest)


Vehicle counting and tracking | Vehicle classification and recognition | LPR | Lane detection

Irida Labs - On Device Vision Intelligence_stack

EV Platform is an end-to-end software platform that defragments the AI landscape  bringing computer vision at the edge device. EV platform integrates ML models (with functionalities for people, vehicle and object detection and more), data engine, user interface, and SW tools for the AI model lifecycle in order to optimize performance, lower cost and reduce time to market for vision based AIoT sensors. and more.

EV Platform Use Cases

EV Platform offers a wide flexibility for specific object detection like food recognition, product catalogues recognition and numerous other applications. Pre-trained models can be easily extended for custom object detection and tracking, and can be customized to any computer vision application using scenario-specific data.

Industry 4.0 – Warehouse Management

Object / Product detection, recognition/classification and tracking

Workplaces: Personnel safety
  • Staff detection & exclusion, PPE monitoring
Logistics: 2D/3D object detection
  • Process automation in warehouses and construction sites

Smart Spaces – Traffic Management

Vehicle classification & tracking, LPR, Speed estimation, Seatbelt detection

  • Free flow vehicle monitoring solution
  • High speed detection & LPR
  • Vision System & Lighting System design
  • Privacy-preserving data handling

Smart Spaces – Parking Lot

Vehicle detection & classification, LPR, Zone management

  • Parking space management solution
  • AIoT product-ready software platform
  • Privacy-preserving data handling
  • Significantly reduced cost vs typical sensor-based solutions

Smart Spaces – Retail


Heatmapping, Operations Monitoring, Zone analytics

  • Track customer habits & identify popular/dead zones
  • Analyze waiting times and queue flows
  • Deliver better service to customers / visitor experience
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Increase store conversion, grow sales rate


People Detection, Tracking, Counting, Soft Demographics

  • Top-down or angled installation
  • Real-time customer count
  • Hourly traffic trends
  • Customer engagement
  • Safety & PPE

Smart Spaces – Inventory management

2D/3D Product detection & recognition

Catering industry

  • Food tray loading
  • Food quality control
  • Food-specific processing

Custom Implementation?

Do you need a custom solution, tailored to your specific use case? Talk to our team, we will support you throughout the design and the deployment phases!

Partners and Customers

Trusted by world-class leaders in the fields of embedded systems, digital cameras, semiconductors, manufacturing and telecommunications, we have built an ecosystem capable to holistically support even the most challenging computer vision applications.

Let's discuss about your Use Case or ask for a Demo

Get in touch with our experts to learn more about the capabilities of EV Platform and explore how AI and deep learning can provide scalable and cost-efficient solutions to real-world computer vision problems. We can also provide you with a Demo, so you can directly evaluate our technology.

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