Irida Labs presents at Electronica 2022

Electronica 2022 Cover
Electronica 2022 Cover
This year we are honoured to be exhibiting jointly at the Enterprise Greece mega booth. 

Irida Labs will be at electronica 2022, exhibiting the latest features of, the innovative software and services platform for deploying Computer Vision & AI solutions at scale.

Computer Vision & AI platform is a complete software and services platform that helps overcome the cross-industry problem of scaling Vision AI. Providing an end-to-end Vision AI infrastructure that brings together all the necessary building blocks: Vision Sensors & Edge Devices, Digital Vision Twin, Edge Hardware, Vision AI Software, Data Engine, APIs and AI Analytics.

* Joint exhibitor with Enterprise Greece

End-to-end software & services platform to deploy Computer Vision & AI at scale

Inventory Management, Product Recognition & Interaction

intel logo

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn how in collaboration with Intel®, empowers scalable Industry 4.0 solutions for identification, tracking, and 3D-pose estimation of products, pallets, personnel, becoming the “smart eyes” of the manufacturing and logistics process. Common application scenarios include logistics operations analytics, automated production line QA/QC, inventory management, truck loading monitoring, AGV coordination and more. 

Inventory Management, Product Recognition & Interaction Tracking powered by and Intel®

Vision AI Sensor for Smart City Apps

Renesas logo

At the same time, our partners at Renesas Electronics will be hosting a demo deployment of our jointly-launched Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces, also powered by, at their booth B4.179.

Irida Labs at Renesas Booth
Traffic Monitoring, Citizen Flow Monitoring and Smart Parking powered by and Renesas Electronics

Meet our team on the ground

Vasilis Tsagaris

Vassilis Tsagaris

CEO & Co-Founder

Vaggelis Vassalos

Sr. Embedded Systems Engineer

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