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To Deploy Computer Vision & AI at Scale logo (called Perceive AI) unlocks myriads of computer vision and AI applications, enabling solutions for people, vehicle and object detection, identification, tracking, and 3D pose estimation for a wide range of markets.​

Time-to-market ​

Speed up the new product development cycle by x10 – making rapid prototyping a matter of 2-4 weeks, instead of months.

End-to-end Dev Support​

Streamlined full Vision AI product development lifecycle, including all production stages and feedback loops for seamless team collaboration.

Holistic Approach​

Supporting both the development but also the full-scale deployments, in the model of Platform-as-a-Service and/or Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Privacy Preserving​

No need for local storage (i.e. live video streams); edge processing results in just metadata transmission over the network. brings together all the building blocks necessary for powering computer vision-based AIoT sensors & solutions. explained

Markets empowers the development of scalable computer vision-based solutions for a wide range of markets, such as Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Smart Retail, Surveillance and Logistics.
Explore more about pricing or book a live demo to see the platform in action. Computer Vision & AI Solutions

Real-time QA and product analytics for packaging bags of all types on indoor or outdoor conveyor systems. Learn More
Real-time Vision AI analytics solution for warehouse and plant management. Learn More
Welding process monitoring based on Vision AI, that automates QA & QC for laser cutting, laser welding and additive manufacturing processes. Learn More
GDPR-compliant people detection that allows non-identifying customer tracking and counting analytics​. Learn More
Product identification and customer-shelf interaction analytics and alerting. Learn More
Calculation of the physical social distance for every person detected in a scene, guaranteeing identity safety & GDPR compliancy. Learn More
Computer Vision AI solution for 24/7 traffic flow monitoring that drives the new era in urban area management​. Learn More
Safeguarding citizen safety, quality of life and accessibility to public spaces in full anonymity and privacy​. Learn More

Are you looking for a AI-based vision solution?​

Suitable for companies looking for a Vision Application as A Service (VaaS) using COTS HW components. ​Check out the Camera + Vision AI Software Package running on Hikvision Network Cameras.

Are you building an AIoT vision sensor?

Suitable for companies aiming to disrupt their industry by bringing a new «vision sensor» product. Check out the Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces that we’ve built in partnership with Renesas Electronics.

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