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Synthetic Data Engine Integrates GenAI & Synthetic Data

Discover how’s GenAI integration revolutionizes vision AI training with cost-effective, scalable, and privacy-enhanced synthetic data. Improve model accuracy and scalability while safeguarding privacy in computer vision applications. … Read More

ASUS AIoT EMEA Partner Event

We’ve had the privilege of being among the AIoT industry leaders at the Lisbon ASUS IoT EMEA Partner Event which was an amazing kick start of our partnership with ASUS! … Read More

Industry 4 Computer Vision AI

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Computer Vision AI Applications for Industry 4.0

From automated defect detection to precise object manipulation and enhanced safety measures, this comprehensive guide explores the key applications and benefits of computer vision AI in Industry 4.0. Read on to learn more! … Read More

Visual Object Detection at Renesas’ Lab on the Cloud

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities is now available for simulation at the Renesas’ Lab on the Cloud (LotC)! … Read More