Embedded World 2022 Booth

Irida Labs at Embedded World 2022

Irida Labs was exhibiting at the Embedded World 2022 our latest advancements for Smart Cities & Spaces Traffic, showcasing the brand new Vision AI Sensor for Traffic monitoring, Citizen Flow Monitoring and Smart Parking! … Read More

Open Loop – a policy prototyping program for the EU AI Act 

We are excited to participate in the Open Loop program, a policy prototyping program for the EU AI Act – the upcoming European regulation on artificial intelligence, and help inform the debate in Europe around AI regulation! … Read More

Renesas Irida Labs Partnership cover

Irida Labs partners with Renesas Electronics – Releasing new Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Renesas Electronics, which comes with the joint release of our new Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces! … Read More

Irida Labs at the Hikvision Innovation Summit 2022

We are really excited and honoured to be among the hand-picked Hikvision Technology Partners, demonstrating our Vision AI solutions for Industry 4.0 and Retail at this year’s Hikvision Innovation Summit.  … Read More