Computer Vision & AI Use Cases for Industry 4.0

Disruptive Vision AI applications


Computer Vision & AI: One step closer to human-like intelligence

Manufacturing and warehouse management is a highly complicated process. Each business has its own visual environment, products, and challenges (dust, temperature, vibrations, etc.), as well as its custom needs. It comes as no surprise that a recent research from McKinsey & Company, in 2020 revealed that 74% of respondents claimed that they have not yet successfully scaled Industry 4.0. This means they are relying on post-event analytics to understand the efficiency of their operations with no ability to see real-time optimization and provide predictive failure intelligence!

Computer Vision & AI for Industry 4.0: A cross-field, holistic, edge-AI approach that can transform bounding boxes to real-world systems:

The applications.

Businesses that have a physical presence of people and objects, such as warehouses, docking areas, construction sites can benefit from accurate warehouse management solutions, real time supply-chain management and inventory monitoring, process automation and smart logistics. Warehouse and Logistics vision-based AIoT sensors provide scalable solutions to the real-world pain points of pallet/parcel/space monitoring, truck loading monitoring, forklift/vehicle/fleet monitoring, employee PPE detection/safety, product QA, operations analytics.

Download the Use Cases

 In this Use Case we present how Irida Labs’ platform for on-device Computer Vision Intelligence is utilized to build efficient, robust and scalable Industry 4.0 solutions that employ computer vision and AI at the edge, run in real time and rely solely on our proprietary ML engine. 

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