end-to-end AI software and services platform featured at Feb/Mar 2021 issue of Imaging & Machine Vision Europe magazine

February 17, 2021


“Turbo charging embedded vision development cycle” | February/March 2021 Imaging & Machine Vision Europe | Issue 103 

Dimitris Kastaniotis, Product Manager at Irida Labs discusses with Greg Blackman from Imaging & Machine Vision Europe magazine about the ways that real-world vision-AI solutions can support the development and implementation of a successful embedded vision system.

More specifically, Dimitris explains how can speed up the time-to-market for a new embedded vision system from 6 months or 1 year to 4 to 8 weeks, by solving the three main bottlenecks in embedded AI vision development – defining the problem, the data campaign, and updating the system during deployment.

Read the full interview with the title “Turbo charging embedded vision development cycle” at

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