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No-Code Software Scales Vision AI Deployments at the Edge

Edge AI and computer vision use cases are practically limitless. But developing and deploying solutions at scale is not a simple task. A low-code development platform is making it easier. … Read More

Computer Vision & AI becoming the “eyes” of Industry 4.0

Irida Labs has been featured by MANUFACTURING magazine, talking about the entirely new family of Industry 4.0 applications powered by Vision AI – including automated QA/QC and packaging integrity assurance, spanning from inventory monitoring & warehouse management, up to laser process monitoring and inspection.  … Read More end-to-end AI software and services platform featured at Feb/Mar 2021 issue of Imaging & Machine Vision Europe magazine

Dimitris Kastaniotis, Product Manager at Irida Labs discusses with Greg Blackman from Imaging & Machine Vision Europe magazine about the ways that real-world vision-AI solutions can support the development and implementation of a successful embedded vision system. … Read More


Irida Labs featured at Jan/Feb 2021 cover story of Vision Systems Design magazine

Vision Systems Design … Read More

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