Asus IoT & Irida Labs Collaborate for AIoT Smart Vending

Smart Vending Vision AI

AIoT-based Smart Vending Solution

A Vision Solution by Irida Labs & Asus IoT

Asus IoT smart vending solution
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Vision & AI Solution in Controlled Vending in Hotels, Hospitals and More

In a strategic partnership with Asus IoT focusing on smart vending solutions, Vision AI takes center stage, revolutionizing asset tracking, inventory control, and stock management. The collaboration combines Asus IoT hardware, marking a significant leap in embracing Vision AI across retail, logistics, manufacturing, and various other sectors.

The focus lies on smart vending, but similarly it is generalised in revolutionizing asset management through Vision AI technology. Found in controlled environments like offices, hotels, and medical centers, but also in industrial, manufacturing, logistics and warehouse areas, this solutions streamlines asset tracking with precise identification and inventory management.

Our collaboration aims to overhaul asset management, automating processes and refining inventory control. Asus IoT’s robust hardware, coupled with scalable AI vision technology at the edge, promises a transformation in asset tracking and inventory management systems.

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Components of the Vision AI Solution

Fully custom Vision AI software, tailored to the specifics of each vending machine each product. Under the hood, platform for on-device Vision Intelligence is utilized to build efficient and robust Object Detection and Classification that run in real-time and rely solely on our proprietary ML engine. With the use of state-of-the-Art Vision AI algorithms, it is capable of identifying canned, bottled or packaged products with remarkable accuracy, while continuously learning and adjusting on new types of  items.

The system runs on high-spec PE1000N/PE1100N rugged industrial edge computers. These devices feature an intelligent Edge AI System with NVIDIA Jetson, a fan-less design and diverse I/O in a compact size. The computers also provide multiple connectivity options, a wide range of power inputs, and operating temperatures.

Dashboard & AI Analytics are powered by providing real-time visual check of the functionality of the system. All metadata can also be transmitted to pre-existing software stack (i.e. ERP, WMS etc.) via the industry standard MQTT or HTTP protocols.

Camera modules are selected based on the specific requirements and geometry of each installation, along with appropriate lenses and if necessary, a camera housing. Vision AI Software & Services Platform

The solution is powered by, Irida Labs’ end-to-end software & services platform for deploying Vision AI at scale. handles the heavy lifting of orchestrating all the building blocks required to deploy a Vision AI solution; Vision Sensors & Edge Devices, Digital Vision Twin, Edge Hardware, Vision AI Software, Data Engine, APIs and AI Analytics are all integrated into the platform, streamlining development to support of both POC as well as full-scale production.

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Explore further the Vision AI Solution for Smart Vending, and understand the endless opportunities in real-time automation in product tracking and counting.

We would love you to give us a very brief description of your implementation scenario, so that we assemble the most qualified team of Vision AI experts for our discussions!

    ASUS IoT shares this positive sentiment. "Our Co-Winning strategy is dependent on finding partners that are innovative, resourceful and hungry for success," says Silvia Kuo. "Irida Labs met all those criteria. Indeed, this is one co-winning relationship that is sure to be continued."
    Silvia Kuo
    Director Business Development and Partnerships, Asus IoT
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