Irida Labs partners with Hikvision – joins the Hikvision Technology Partner Program

Hikvision Irida Labs Partnership

Irida Labs joined the Hikvision Technology Partner Program (TPP) with its end-to-end Vision-AI software and services platform – which is now available for Hikvision’s network cameras. now supports Hikvision Cameras and Software with a plethora of advanced Industry 4.0, Retail and Smart Cities/Smart Spaces Analytics functionalities. integrates ML models for people, vehicles, or any type of object detection together with vision system design, data management and ready to use deployment tools for on-device intelligence.

By leveraging a direct integration with Hikvison’s HikCentral Professional Series,  functionalities can be combined with HikVision cameras and edge capabilities, offering additional flexibility in meeting the needs of custom scenarios while reducing the learning requirements and consolidating all application modules under the same interface. 

“We are excited about joining the Hikvision Technology Partner Program (TPP) with end-to-end Vision-AI software and services platform. Now, validated by Hikvision for their TPP programme, supports Hikvision Network Cameras and Software.”, says Vassilis Tragaris, CEO at Irida Labs. “We would like to thank HikVision for working closely and supporting our team during the last months, making this integration a true added value for our customers.” 

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More information about the Hikvision Technology Partner Program (TPP)

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