Data Engine Integrates GenAI & Synthetic Data


We are pleased to unveil a important update to, aimed at fortifying the platform’s capabilities for minimizing the data campaigns and labeling efforts and maximizing model’s generalization performance. In this latest release, our focus has been on the incorporation of GenAI, with a specific emphasis on data synthesis.

This technology is offered as part of the “Data engine” and relies on Irida Labs’ patents for data synthesis and augmentation. Synthetic data, as offered by GenAI, is now poised to deliver elevated levels of relevance, quality, volume, and reliability, addressing a critical pain point within the realm of vision AI systems: the reliance on high-quality training data.

Synthetic Data Batch for AI Training

In a landscape where the accuracy and effectiveness of vision AI systems hinge on the quality and quantity of their training data, the collection and labeling of real-world data present industry-wide challenges. These obstacles demand substantial investments of resources, expertise, and time, with inaccuracies or biases carrying potential repercussions for AI models. 

In response, ‘s latest update tackles this challenge head-on, introducing GenAI’s synthetic data capabilities. This innovation not only enhances cost-effectiveness by dramatically reducing expenses related to data collection and labeling but also streamlines the data management process, reducing the potential for errors. Moreover, it offers scalability, generating vast quantities of synthetic data, even for the most “exotic” use cases where real data are difficult to obtain or very challenging to replicate in the real world (i.e. industrial processes monitoring, destruction or defect simulations, etc). Its diversity empowers AI models to handle a wide range of scenarios, even rare and perilous ones, improving overall robustness. Lastly, this solution champions privacy, eliminating real-world identifiers and reassuring compliance with personal data regulations.

In light of these developments, reaffirms its commitment to pioneering innovation and excellence within the domain of vision AI. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to shape the future of AI-driven vision technologies.

3D Model of an indoor warehouse with a moving forklift, people and pallets.

synthetic release animation
synthetic data forklifts in warehouse

Synthetic data of various types of forklifts in a warehouse surrounding.


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