QR Scanning Solution on Renesas RA8

QR Scanning Solution

QR Scanning Solution

Non-disruptive - Vision-only​

QR Scanning Solution
In collaboration with
renesas logomark

We’re thrilled to announce that our QR Scanning solution has been chosen as one of the Partner Solutions for the highly anticipated launch of the Renesas Electronics RA8 series – the industry’s first 32-bit MCU powered by the Arm® Cortex®-M85 core.

This RA-Ready solution offers real-time QR code detection and decoding features, enabling seamless integration into IoT devices. Its versatility extends across a wide spectrum of applications, from Smart Homes and Home Appliances to Smart Cities, Smart Retail, and even vital domains like Smart Health and People Access Control.

Contact us to discuss how vision-based QR Scanning can transform your IoT device!


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