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Smart Retail

Intelligent in-store analytics powered by Computer Vision & AI

The future of retail clearly points in the direction of Smart Retail applications. Retail businesses that have a physical presence of people and goods on promises, such as stores, shopping malls, super markets, can benefit from accurate people counting to measure footfall, get insightful smart space analytics and make informed business decisions about cost savings, increased productivity and revenue growth.

Computer Vision Use Cases & Solutions package for Smart Retail marks the new era in retail business understanding, by unlocking faster information delivery, personalization of shopping experience and better supply chain management, powered by Computer Vision & AI. Combined with advanced features like personnel analytics or product monitoring, our complete, inventory and customer insights solution is low-cost, energy efficient and easy to install and scale.

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Customer Analytics

People counting, Soft demographics, People flows

available solutions

Customer Counting

Privacy-preserving people detection that allows non-identifying customer tracking and counting analytics​.

​Events tracking provide real-time alerts about restricted area access and occupancy limits violations​​. 

High-level analytics, such as people flow, heatmaps, occupancy data for indoor & outdoor areas and zone segmentation, enable reliable Smart Building power optimizations, Smart Retail applications and safety-compliant Industry 4.0 area management.

Customer Behaviour Track

Heatmapping, Occupancy tracking, Object detection

available solutions
SmartRetail customer Heatmap

In-store Operations Analytics

Operations monitoring, Zone analytics

available solutions

Benefits and KPIs

Revenue growth

Cost savings & increased productivity​

Informed business decision-making



Vision AI Automated Check-out


Smart Retail Analytics explainer video


Smart Retail: In-store AI analytics

Computer Vision-based AIoT inventory and customer insights solutions marking a new era in retail business understanding.


Post-COVID Social Distancing

Privacy-preserving social distancing analytics powered by Machine Learning on Computer Vision

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