Smart Retail

Smart Retail

Insightful in-store analytics

Benefits and KPIs

Revenue growth

Cost savings & increased productivity​

Informed business decision-making

Use Cases

Customer Behaviour Track

Heatmapping, Occupancy tracking, Object detection

Customer Analytics

People counting, Soft demographics, People flows

In-store Operations Analytics

Operations monitoring, Zone analytics Solutions for Smart Retail

Explore off-the-self Solutions for inventory and customer insights that mark the new era in retail business understanding​!

Privacy-preserving people detection allows non-identifying customer and personnel tracking and counting analytics​. ​Events tracking provide real-time alerts about restricted area access and occupancy limits violations​​. High-level analytics, such as people flow, heatmaps, occupancy data for indoor & outdoor areas and zone segmentation, enable reliable Smart Building power optimizations, Smart Retail applications and safety-compliant Industry 4.0 area management.

Customer Counting Product Brief

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Automated Check-out Terminal Demo

Embedded vision system powered by AI, identifies, classifies, and displays pricing for a shopping basket – in collaboration with NXP, Congatec and Basler

Smart Retail: In-store AI analytics

Vision-based AIoT inventory and customer insights solutions marking a new era in retail business understanding.

Public Health: Social Distancing in the COVID era

Privacy-preserving social distancing analytics powered by Machine Learning

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