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Transforming cameras into AIoT sensors

for Industry 4.0, Manufacturing, Logistics

Tuesday, December 13

14:00 - 14:45 CET

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Bosch ConnectedWorld

Bosch ConnectedWorld 2024

📣 Irida Labs will be at the Bosch ConnectedWorld on February 28, in Berlin, Germany, showcasing our exciting Vision AI solutions and the latest advancements on platform! … Read More

  • No-Code Software Scales Vision AI Deployments at the Edge
    Edge AI and computer vision use cases are practically limitless. But developing and deploying solutions at scale is not a …
  • QR Scanning Solution on Renesas RA8
    We're thrilled to announce that our QR Scanning solution running on Renesas RA8 series. Contact us to discuss how vision-based …
  • Asus IoT & Irida Labs Collaborate for AIoT Smart Vending
    Our strategic collaboration with Asus IoT revolutionizing asset tracking, inventory management, and stock control through cutting-edge Vision AI solution on …
  • Automating Airport Operations: The Impact of Computer Vision AI
    Explore how Computer Vision AI enhances airport operations, from precise baggage handling to optimizing passenger flow and bolstering safety measures. …
  • Computer Vision AI platforms: all you need to know
    Computer Vision AI platforms offer a streamlined way to adopt AI and visual data on solving real-life-problems. Ready to dive …
  • Data Engine Integrates GenAI & Synthetic Data
    Discover how's GenAI integration revolutionizes vision AI training with cost-effective, scalable, and privacy-enhanced synthetic data. Improve model accuracy and …
  • ASUS AIoT EMEA Partner Event
    We've had the privilege of being among the AIoT industry leaders at the Lisbon ASUS IoT EMEA Partner Event which …
  • Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Computer Vision AI Applications for Industry 4.0
    From automated defect detection to precise object manipulation and enhanced safety measures, this comprehensive guide explores the key applications and …
  • Visual Object Detection at Renesas’ Lab on the Cloud
    We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities is now available for simulation at …
  • Synthetic Data for Computer Vision AI: Advantages, Challenges, and Tools
    In this blog post, we explore the importance of training data for computer vision applications and how synthetic data and …
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