Irida Labs & Hikvision – Powering Vision AI Solutions for Manufacturing and Logistics

Hikvision Irida Labs Creating vision ai solutions together
Irida Labs Hikvision manufacturing logistics cover

Irida Labs joins forces with Hikvision by introducing real-time edge AI analytics solutions for warehouse and plant management compatible with Hikvision’s IPC and HikCentral products.

Powered by the Industry 4.0 Package cutting-edge ML models and paired with vision systems design, data management and ready-to-use deployment tools, enables edge Vision AI in real time, empowering scalable vision solutions for identification, tracking, and 3D-pose estimation along with becoming the “smart eyes” of the manufacturing and logistics process.

User Benefits

  • Company-specific Parcel/Pallet/Product stock monitoring
  • Truck loading & ledger QA
  • Critical equipment interaction monitoring
  • Truck parking lot monitoring
  • Product inspection

Key Features

  • 24/7 real-time analytics
  • Edge processing only – no Cloud necessary
  • Actionable business and process insights
  • Privacy-preserving process
  • Fast deployment in production

Among the supported vision AI analytics solutions are the real-time monitoring of occupancy and stock levels, counting and tracking of parcels and products around a warehouse, the real-time QA for conceptual defects on conveyor systems, the truck loading session recording and automatic counting of parcels, pallets or products, as well as the PPE detection and area access control.

Manufacturing & Logistics Analytics Joint Value Brochure

Get the Manufacturing & Logistics Analytics Joint Value Brochure in order to find out more technical details, the solution architecture, as well as availability and compatibility information.

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