Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

From QA to Operations Optimization

Benefits and KPIs

Quality Assurance

Operations optimization

Personnel safety

Use Cases

2D / 3D Product detection

Pallet detection, recognition / classification and tracking

Workplaces: Personel safety

Staff detection & exclusion, PPE monitoring

Inventory: Product Identification

Quality assurance & product classification in production Solutions for Industry 4.0

Explore off-the-self Solutions that automate operations and quality assurance in factories, warehouses and industrial environments!

Privacy-preserving people detection allows non-identifying customer and personnel tracking and counting analytics​. ​Events tracking provide real-time alerts about restricted area access and occupancy limits violations​​. High-level analytics, such as people flow, heatmaps, occupancy data for indoor & outdoor areas and zone segmentation, enable reliable Smart Building power optimizations, Smart Retail applications and safety-compliant Industry 4.0 area management.

Employee Counting Product Brief

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Industry 4.0: From QA to Process Optimisation

Smart Industry 4.0 with end-to-end supply chain management using tiny machine learning and computer vision at the edge.

Industry 4.0: Real-time 3D ToF Intelligence

A highly optimized SDK for enabling top-down people, object and vehicle detection based on depth cameras.

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