Synthetic Data Engine Integrates GenAI & Synthetic Data

Discover how’s GenAI integration revolutionizes vision AI training with cost-effective, scalable, and privacy-enhanced synthetic data. Improve model accuracy and scalability while safeguarding privacy in computer vision applications. … Read More

Irida Labs Demonstrating at Renesas Electronics DFAE Event 2022

Special thanks to Renesas Electronics for the opportunity to demonstrate our recently-released Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces at the Renesas DFAE event! … Read More

Renesas Irida Labs Partnership cover

Irida Labs partners with Renesas Electronics – Releasing new Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Renesas Electronics, which comes with the joint release of our new Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces! … Read More

Irida Labs introduces “SafeDistance analytics tool”

Introducing “SafeDistance analytics tool” (powered by EVLIB) our novel tool than can provide valuable insight into people movement and interaction habits and defines a new way to analyse social interaction spaces. … Read More

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